Pounds for Prevention Fundraiser: Help Me Help Others

Starting January 6th, I am starting a fundraiser.  I will be the event.  LOL!  Let me explain.  Since my stint  with breast cancer in 2010, I have really been struggling with my weight and have since gained a lot. I mean I seriously cannot fit into any of my clothes.  Also, I’m feeling exhasuted, my knees hurt and I just can’t move around on stage like I want to be able to. 

So, I decided that this year was the year that I get into shape.  I’ve been successful professionally at my current weight and I feel beautiful regardless of what the scale says so this has little to do with vanity and a lot to do with my overall health.   Although, saying that, I have had an aversion to video.  I’m not gonna lie. 

Anyway, my thought was that I needed a way to get me excited about getting into shape because living a life where I’m always on the road is leading me to bagels, not broccoli and I’ve been on sooooo many diets and fitness programs over the years that I immediately start reaching for the cookies and the TV remote as soon as I even think about it.   

This is where you come in.  You know how when someone gets married, they state their intention for the relationship (their vows) in front of their friends and family so that 1) They are held accountable and 2) Their friends and family can be called upon for support?  Well, that is what I’ve decided to do with my get fit weight loss year. I am going to do this in front of all of you so that you can be my support and help me keep on task.  I’m going to get media coverage, do some video blogging and write about it.  You see?

 Then I thought, why stop there?  Let’s give back!!  Let’s make it a fundraiser for the breast cancer society and then you all can make pledge per pound donations to a cause near and dear to my heart.  Win win, right?  I’m stoked.

 I will be taken care of by Mikkie Nettles at the Kamloops Fit Centre who will be planning meals with me and providing me with a fitness routine and a personal trainer.  I worked out at the Fit Centre before, actually right before my diagnosis and they are real miracle workers.  The Fit Centre is my official sponsor for this fundraiser. 

Here is there website: http://www.kamloopsfitcentre.com/

My first appointment is January 6th where I’ll weigh in and get measured and figure out the food part and then on the 7th I start working out.  Please join me if you’re able. It’s just awesome to work out with a trainer.  I’ve contacted the Breast Cancer Society people and am working on getting a pledge widget for my website and will send that info out as soon as I get it.  So, what do you think?  Awesome idea hey?

Want to make a pledge?  Click HERE.

Meal and Exercise Plan: Click HERE

Weight Loss Blog: Click HERE

Video Blog: Click HERE